DM Employer Services

Frequently   Asked  Questions......

1. What does "DM" stand for in DM Employer Services? 
Dental and Medical professionals were the mainstay of our entering the online payroll processing market because of our software's ability to departmentalize, track multiple locations, pay contract and commission labor. However, over the years we have not only worked with all types of healthcare professionals but all other small to medium size companies. Our mission is to assist those businesses that do not have the resources for efficient in-house human resource and payroll departments.

2. I have looked at other payroll companies and they all seem to offer the same services. Is there really a difference?
As in any business, there is great deal of difference between the services offered by the different companies. The service we offer is the best in the industry. Using our online system we can custom design a payroll system to meet your individual needs. Our company is staffed by payroll professionals that will provide you with the highest level of service in the industry and will also represent you when dealing with the IRS and state agencies.  We also offer you unlimited consultation, by phone, on all payroll, payroll tax and employee relation matters (a service that no other payroll service offers).

3.  We would like Direct Deposit. Do you offer it? How does it work and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Yes, we offer Direct Deposit. When you use Direct Deposit the entire amount of the payroll, the payroll taxes and the fee for the service are electronically transferred (by ACH) from your account into our trust account and the deposits are made from our account to the individual employees account . Those employees who don't participate in the Direct Deposit program will receive a standard payroll check and the employees that are in the program will receive a pay statement (a non-negotiable check) sent to their personal e-mail showing all of the information that would be on a standard payroll check. There are several advantages: The employees have funds available in their account on payday.  Direct Deposit simplifies accounting. We will do the check reconciliation and there will be only two account drafts, one for net payroll and billing and one for all taxes. Direct Deposit can have a slight effect on cash flow of the business. For example, if the payroll is semi-monthly paid on the 15th and the last day of the month, the funds to meet the payroll for the 15th would be transferred from your client's account on the evening of the 12th. To guarantee that the funds are in the employee's account on the morning of the 15th, the transfer must begin two days in advance of the pay date.

4.  Can the Direct Deposit be split into checking and savings accounts? Is there an extra charge?
Yes. You can split your deposits into several different accounts at no additional cost.

5.  I have a hard time keeping tract of the vacation time my employees have accrued and the time they have taken. Can you help?
Yes. Our system will track this information for you and we will print it right on the face of each employee's check, if desired. 

6.  I have employees in several different locations. Does this pose any problems?
No, it is not a problem. We can pay your employees regardless of their  location. We also handle the tax and filing requirements for any location.

7.  What is an IRS Power Of Attorney?
When we process your payroll, we ask you to sign an IRS Power Of Attorney form. The IRS Power Of Attorney (form 2848) gives us the authority to intercede on your behalf with the IRS in matters relating to payroll taxes and since we guarantee compliance and accuracy for your tax deposits, we need to be able to communicate with the IRS.
NOTE: The same holds true of any of the state unemployment agencies that we need to have a POA for.

8. I have employees that have child support and other garnishments. Can you handle these?
Yes. Supply us with a copy of the documents detailing the order and we will produce the checks each pay period as required. They will be delivered with the payroll for your client to mail to the appropriate authority.

9. Can you handle employee loans and advances?
Yes. Just give us the details and we will deduct the agreed amount from the employee's check each pay period until the loan or advance is satisfied.

10.  How is the payroll delivered?
We have the ability to develop a totally paperless payroll for you and all reports and payroll information can be delivered electronically. For those payrolls that are not paperless, we deliver by FedEx or courier for an additional fee.

11.  How do I report payroll information to you?
Our clients report their payroll information using our online website.  We do the original setup of the payroll and supply training on its use at no charge. We can also receive fax or phone for clients who are not online.

12 When the payroll is received, one of the checks is for the wrong amount. What should I do?
If it is during normal business hours, you should call our payroll-processing center and notify their processors of the problem. We will immediately take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

13.  How do I pay for the payroll services?
The actual amount for the service is deducted from your checking account or on your credit card as directed for each payroll processed. A paid invoice, in your company's name is included with the payroll package.

14. How is a new employee added to one of my payroll?
You simply log onto your account and select add a new employee, input the information regarding the new employee into the online payroll screen. There is no charge for new employee set-up and a New Hire package will be sent with the next payroll that must be filed with the Attorney Generals office in the appropriate state.

15.  We have health insurance, a dental plan and a 401K. How do you handle these?
For each payroll, the proper amounts for the employee and employer contributions are calculated and deducted. The deposit checks are issued with the payroll and are then sent to the appropriate companies by the employer. The information regarding these deductions will appear in various reports sent with your payroll.

16.  I have a 125 Cafeteria plan. Any problem?
No. We will deduct the proper pretax amount from each employee paycheck and track the total contribution.

17Do you supply payroll information for workers compensation premiums?
Yes. Sign into your account online and go to reports. Select payroll report, then quarter you need, preview and print  You may also select an overtime report on the right information tab as well. There is no additional charge for this report either.

18.    What is New Hire reporting?
 Hire reporting is a process by which you, as an employer, report information on newly hired employees to a designated state agency shortly after the date of hire. As an employer, you play a key role in this important program by reporting all your newly hired employees to your state.   It is strongly recommended that the payroll office address for the newly hired employee also be reported if it is different from the FEIN address. For more information for the requirements in your state, go to:

19.  What is an INS I-9 form?
The purpose of this form is to document that each new employee that is hired after November 1, 1986 is authorized to work in the US. This form should be completed at time employment begins. For more information go to : or download form from forms page.

20. Does DM Employer Services take care of these employer reporting requirements?
Not usually.  Our office can give guidance to make sure employers meet these federal and state requirements. These tasks can be done by the employer but DMES can handle these reporting requirements for an additional fee at the client requests   

21. Can you provide background checks for my new hire employees?
Yes. One of the additional services we provide is the opportunity to have DMES run criminal background reports, SSN verification, DMV, employment verification and Professional License verification. To get pricing information, visit our new hire check page.

21. What is our refund policy?
You satisfaction is guaranteed or your money will be refunded if not fully satisfied within the first 30 days of initial service. That is why we extend a 30-day free trial so every client can experience our services before paying for any fees.

Please email any questions not answered above and one of our payroll professionals will get back to you.